Jere'e "Jersey" clark

Number of seasons playing: 1


position(s): rb


age:  31


height: 5'4"               Weight: 160   


hometown: middletown


high school: osceola high


occupation: school bus driver & cashier


sports idol: dominique dawes


favorite sports team: dallas cowboys


favorite athlete: usain bolt


special interests: rollercoasters


favorite movie/tv show: all american


favorite food: seafood


favorite quote: slow feet don't eat


three words that describe me: trustworthy, driven, independent


I also participate in: track


favorite sports memory: when our girls relay won at aau


what being a member of the keystone assault means to me: being a keystone assault player brings me so much joy and happiness.  These women are my extended family.


my social media info: jere'e clark - fb, janajmomma - ig, oneandonlyre - sc