Briana Sye

Number of seasons playing: 1


Position(s): rb, wr & CB


Age: 24


Height: 5'5"           weight: 170


Hometown: harrisburg, pa


high school: scitech


college: University of maryland eastern shore


occupation: youth counselor


sports idol: flojo & allen iverson


favorite sports teams: everything philadelphia


favorite athlete: serena williams


hobbies/interests: soul-line dancing, sleeping & working out


favorite tv show: game of thrones


foverite food: impossible to answer


favorite book: a time to kill - john grisham


i also used to play basketball


three words that describe me: easygoing, joyful, hardworking



being a member of the keystone assault means being a part of a family.  just being around like-minded people who want to do well in and outside of sports is great and really something special to be a part of.